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First off, let's not let this thread turn into some mods vs. the people kind of thing, as JuiceZ has pointed out can happen so easily. Everyone here has remained civil so far, and I also thank you all for that. I hope that when all is said and done, none of you harbor any hard feelings towards me either.

And now for the much anticipated, fun part... (remind me to flame myself later for making fun of me)

Saturn. As I stated in my PM to you a week ago, a friend turned me on to this site and this forum. He's a long time friend, who has been a member of this forum for several years. Your right, I wasn't a member before the hack or the BB system change. But he was. And it just so happens that he was berated about two years ago by you when he posted his 3dMark score and asked how it compared to other people here. If what happened a week ago had been an isolated incident, I'd have thought little or nothing about it. Especially after you explained that you were having a rough week and appologized. But it is something that's ongoing, at least by my understanding.

As for the thread you closed, first let me say I'm honored that so many mods feel the need to quote me. I think Mat saw it for what it was, a post that was made in jest. Similar to how friends good talk to each other. There's a difference between attacking someone and poking fun. Honestly, looking back at the post I still don't see anything wrong with it, but I do see how people who are set in the flame first, think later mentality would have missed the point. I don't blame you for closing the thread. But I didn't really appreciate the response I got to my (rather long) PM. That's why I decided to do things in threads, I feel that this is something that all the mods should have a say in. It's just too difficult to bring in different opinions in personal messages, and I feel it stands to be resolved better, with less bad blood, this way.

And for christ's sake, it's LoRD.MuAD'diB.. copy and paste people. A great man once said, "Use the instrument panel Luke, it's what it's there for". Of course I don't spell out any of your handles in their entirety, so my less than easily pronouncable name is fair game. ; )
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