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Default Re: Rollo's GTX295 + stereovision benches

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Check out my stereovision link again, SLi is definitely working!
Sorry, but I can't see clearly a comparison between stereo no-SLI and SLI, for exemple for L4D there is a graph titled "L4Dstereo" and the other "L4D 3D Vision One core GTX295". Should I guess that the first one is SLI on and the second one SLI Off and both in stereo?

If so, the conclusion is that the SLI-On is really working because the fps is almost constant at 60 fps and in the second graph it isn't... I guess that the limit to 60 is because of V-Sync which forces to 120 Hz or multiples (aka 60)...anyway I don't understand why in some reviews of 3D Vision they not found fps multiples of 120...

On the other hand, where did you buy your Samsung 2233RZ ?
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