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Default Re: 8800GTX not longer supported?

Hi there.

First of all... could it be related to this confirmed bug report:

If so, we are told to expect a fix in the next stable release.

However, to be sure it will be useful for the devs to:
- Try and boot as normal using the 180.22 driver.
- From what you've said, this will fail.
- If you have a console in front of you with a working keyboard goto CREATEREPORT below
- Else to switch to a terminal, you can try Alt+F2 or Alt+F6
- If this gives you a working terminal, then goto CREATEREPORT below
- Else reboot your machine, but interrupt the grub menu and specify to launch into init level 3. In Fedora, this is simply done by adding " 3" on the end of the Grub kernel boot options. It may be different for other distro's
- When you get to a working terminal, log in, then goto CREATEREPORT below.

- As root, run
- This has created an nvidia-bug-report.log in $HOME
- cd to $HOME and type: "gzip nvidia-bug-report.log"
- Send the file nvidia-bug-report.log.gz to the devs by attaching it to this thread.

This is the best way to get a useful response from the devs.


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