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Default Re: How do I get my desktop back?...

In order to prevent this in the future:

Distributions (such as SuSE, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo) have their own ways of handling drivers. So usually it is the best idea to follow the instructions and use the tools provided by the distribution. nVidia can't give out a up to date manual for all distributions out there, so the procedure mentioned on this site might or might not work for your specific distribution and version.

In order to get support:

Please read the thread already mentioned and provide a nvidia bug report as described there. Otherwise there is almost no chance to help you, as we can only guess what exactly went wrong and what your problem is.
Even without desktop you should be able to log in on a VT (thats what you get after booting now) and running the script as root. You can either put the resulting file on a usb stick or use pastebinit or similar software to get it to the web from this machine.

Even though I understand that you are upset, you should consider to not blame specific people or companies yet, as the error might be as well distribution, configuration or user related.

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