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I'd like to hear from Atlas37, PsychoAus and Flavius. Have you downloaded the driver fix? Did it fix your 5900 problems? Just wondering where you guys are now.
Maxpower, I'm right here. I dont even have a Fx5900 card, never said I did. I have owned Nividia products since day one, still have a TI4600 in my box as well.

Its good to see that a driver fix may have fixed a lot fo peoples problems in the flickering department but as I am about to buy another high end card I still am leaning towards ATI due to the superior Pixel Shadrer Performance.

If the magical Det 50's cure other issues such as the trilinear selection for games, pixel shader performance and IQ then I might throw another $1000AUD their way.

HL2 is a game I am really looking forward to and the quotes by Carmack and Gabe Newell re the FX cards performance in these areas still has me doubtful.

You guys keep beta testing this hardware for us and we can make the right purchase decision soon!

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