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Default Re: Nvidia + Matrox TripleHead2Go with resolution 5040x1050!

its possible, tho its not obvious, i'm not experiencing any weird cpu spikes.

perhaps the only odd thing i've noticed is the 8600's run hotter than i would like, couple 3d apps and they can hit 73C and idle @ 60C. I doubt this is case cooling related, while the case is "full" the cpu hits around 62C with cpu burn running on all 4 cores for several hours, never gets more than 55C or so real world usage and 48C @ idle. perhaps xinerama in general puts a lot of strain on the cards. i've wondered on exactly how the work load is split up because loading up one card with a ton of windows and apps definitely effects the rendering performance of the other card.

for reference:

MB: asa p5e ws
Q6600 quad @ 3.2ghz
4gb ram
2 x 8600 gts (xfi maybe? don't remember brand)
3ware 9550 pci-x, 4 drives in raid5 mounted @ /home
130GB WD raptor mounted @ /
2 x 250GB WD drives raid1 encrypted data
supermicro 4u/tower server chassis

i wouldn't think the refresh rate of the LCD should have much effect on video playback....even "30Hz" (NTSC) is really 29.976fps while film is 23.976, none of the common rates divide evenly into 60 anyway. Refresh rates under 60 in general, can cause headaches and such in some people.


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