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Default Re: Need help installing driver for FX5200 in Ubuntu 8.04LTS

I'm having the same problem. I'm new to Linux but used to use command line DOS, Unix, C, etc. all the time. You have to enter commands in Terminal. If you type "sh" as in the instructions and then drag the driver file into terminal, it will run. (You first have to right click on the file and make sure the permission is set to run as a program). Then it will either tell you you have to be logged in as root -which is not recommended as you can mess up the whole system - or it will say you have to stop the x server (Gnome) which gets you to a sort of command line black screen where I can't seem to change directories to even find the driver file. Anyway, it's supposed to be better to use the sudo command in terminal which won't allow you to get in as much trouble and also, by the way won't run the file!

I'm rambling now, but in the same boat as you. I've been trying to install a simple graphics driver for a week because the screen resolution in the native Ubuntu driver is very low. By the way, don't try to edit xorg with your own Horizsync and VertRefresh values as some recommend as it will really mess up your monitor so that you can't read it at all. Even with 25 years of experience, I'm baffled too. Ubuntu looks to be a great, stable OS, but it's a nightmare to configure.
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