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Default Re: Mirror's Edge out today?

Originally Posted by MaxFX View Post
Okey great then maybe i can check it out at least, as I have a 24 mon 1920*1200 it probably will take a better card but it seems very optimized and runs great for you guys so the question is should I just get a GTX280 and save some cash or go for the GTX285 hmm.

Im wondering as my PSU is just a Corsair 520W but it's a good PSU and I read on one review they say it's probably around a 700W PSU as it's way underspect

Annywon heard how much the new GTX 285 will take?
The GTX 280 takes about 230W under full load so what should I do.

Have a Q6600@ 3.4Ghz and then my 8800GT with 4GB ram so can my PSU take it you think?

Annyway really looking forward to this game, tested the demo on my PS3 and it seems very nice
Whatever is the bset option for you... the 285GTS is new n' stuff!
Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post

Anything that you cannot get right here, right now... STEAL!!!

Or, if it is readily available but you deem it to be over priced... STEAL!!!

Pretty simple logic, really. I'd imagine so cause a theif isn't capable of much more than simple logic.
You would imagine wrong... some "thefts" require masterminds, just like some only need a few seconds when someone is not looking.

No need to narrow it down likethat because you aren't in favor of the guy's actions...

You guys... talk about "storm in a teacup". Especially "if" he's already ordered the game, nothing wrong with arring a version just for some "kicks".
I want a rig that can play Crysis the way I can play Far Cry now.
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