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Default Re: Windows 7 lacking ?

Originally Posted by pkirby11 View Post
Not sure if this was posted yet, I don't feel like reading all the pages, sorry I'm lazy. While I do agree that it's annoying to have released Vista then come out with Windows 7 they have a good reason for it. Most are right Windows 7 isn't a major step from Vista and Microsoft has admited to this many times. However and we all know this to be true, the reception for Vista was more than abysmal and many business and users did not upgrade.

By releasing it as a new product Microsoft is hoping to distance them selves from Vista plain and simple. Vista never was and certainly isn't at this point in time that bad of an OS. Yes it was plague with stupid problems and until SP1 it wasn't a product I think Microsoft could be proud of but in no small part to all the media slander it got Vista got a reputation that short of coming out with a whole new version were they going change peoples minds. Yes when Windows 7 launches most will say it's Vista with new paint but they can't say it's bad. In fact I have to say I think it's Microsoft's best OS in a long time, better than XP.

So yes, for some it sucks, I know I'm not looking forward to spending money to upgrade again only 2 years later. But I understand Microsoft's reason, if your like my and happy with Vista stick with it, SP2 will add some stability I think. But if you stuck with XP or just want the slimmer OS go with Windows 7. I'm sorry but I don't think Microsoft had any choice in this matter. They had to make it a new OS to get away from the bad slander of the media, if you want to be mad at anyone be mad at Apple and other reviewers who all latched onto the Vista sucks bandwagon. I still talk to the average user who tells me they are afraid to get Vista because of all the problems, I always ask what problems? They always tell me, well that's what I heard from an add or a review. I have not had any more instability on Vista SP1 then on XP SP2. And Apple certainly has no room to speak either, I've had extensive time with OS X 10.5 and the amount of problems it has makes Vista look like an angel with a halo around its head.
i dont think Win 7 will be MS's best OS, since they could have released an update for Vista instead of selling a brand new OS.

tbh, i dont care, considering how i will get Win 7 cheaply through campus licensing, but the whole new release is unnecessary imo.
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