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Default Re: Windows 7 lacking ?

Originally Posted by pkirby11 View Post
Just curious but did you read my post? I don't disagree that it could have been an update, most likely at least. But due to Apple, Dell and other sites Vista was smeared so bad it's like a politician. Sometimes you gotta start new. I think honestly and they've admitted it, that they are doing this to distance them selves from Vista. Nothing more, had the reception been warmer for Vista I don't think you would have seen Windows 7 until 2010 or later with some new features that make it worth buying.

That being said it's still a great operating system and I still stick by one of the better if not best I've seen. Some of the features alone like built in ISO burning capabilities is just nice. I do not however disagree that it could have been an update but I again the hate is in the wrong place. Vista wasn't outstanding but it wasn't as bad as the mud most sites smeared on Vista and it got better real quick thanks to MS's effort to squash some complaints but I think it was to late. Again people hate Vista, whether they know anything about it or not and that is what Microsoft is trying to get away from. Start fresh is the best idea.
i wasnt disagreeing or criticizing you. just adding my two cents lol.

and yes, apple did a good job of smearing the Vista name. and that cannot be fixed with an update.

so, we should probably blame apple for MS releasing an entirely new OS. ironic
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