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If your problem is like mine (and may be not but I think so) the ONLY way to solve it is to recompile the kernel.
Recompiling kernel is not just editing something with an editor but follow a list of procedure well known by linux lovers.
you NEED to learn this stuff if you wanna go on.
also you can decide to back to winz if dont want study how.
once you have practice of configuring a new kernel you can understand this:
when you make command " Xconfig" in the GUI search the PROCESSOR TYPE feature and then
unselect (say no ) to Simmetric multiprocessor feature
unselect to the 2 APIC and IO APIC feature.
then save and go on recompiling
I cant tell you here how is the complete procedure to recompile, is too long &complicated but it's all written somewhere and U dont have problem to find it.

if U dont understand this you cant solve your problem
just learn

U are right , may the force (and the skill) be with U...
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