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Default Re: My overclocking project.. the goal 3.6 Ghz

Good luck, that's about all I can add. I can get mine booted at 3.6 but it takes about 1.5V just like Toss3's does.

The one advantage you have is your VID is much better than mine. I have a 1.3250 VID on my Q6600. For me anything above 3400 seems to start taking a lot of voltage to just get it booting. I haven't been able to get it stable at even 3.5 yet.

1.35 Vcore (CPUZ says it is at 1.2526V)
That's what's going to kill you trying to overclock. From what I vaguely remember seeing posted a few of the gigabytes boards have really bad vdrop/droop. With my q6600 set at 1.5V in the bios I only drop about .02V into windows, and maybe another .01V loaded. (Mine is pencil modded for vdroop.) I do remember looking for the pencil mod on that board for CaptN. Apparently it doesn't work from what I've seen, so it's best just to leave it be and see what you can get without modding it.

Also I would suggest just leaving your ram underclocked while you work in your cpu clock. Doing everything separately makes it a lot easier to get each part stable.

OT: I also found a little bit more info about vdroop modding. They suggest using a multimeter and testing the resistance on your mod. They prefer to leave just a tiny bit of vdroop so they aren't going too heavy with the graphite.

I'm still trying to figure out the whole idea behind vdroop... I think it has something to do with varying voltage instead of varying amperage to keep the same amount of current. That being said it would seem like vdroop is actually bad because the less voltage the more amperage needed for the same amount of total power. Too many amps is how you would hurt the wiring, but on the same token lowering the voltage would also lower the total amount of power coming in provided the amps are constant.
I just don't know what to make of it. This guys post makes a little sense though.
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