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Default Windows 7 Games Explorer = Stale

Basically nothing was changed from Vista. Sure there are some minor tweaks but one of those changes now makes it impossible to edit the shortcut.

Therefore, when a game like WoW get added to Games Explorer, it points at the game executable instead of the launcher (which handles news and updates) and should be the correct one. And it is impossible to change it. I can add the launcher manually, but the icon is not updated with game art and you have 2 copies of the game inside the game explorer.

Also, there are no good new ideas, like f.e. being able to have Games Explorer on the Taskbar making it easy to start games (can't add it to taskbar because it's an explorer window afaik).

So it's same as in Vista but dumbed down.

Ps. Should add that I like Windows 7 a lot, except from Games Explorer.
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