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Default Re: DisplayPort and NVS160M

yes. monitor is on when starting x server.

further I installed 180.22 but starting X with -logverbose does not work for me. It's moaning something about connection to xserver not possible (I am working on this).

the new logfile shows that DFP-3 is correctly detected as DisplayPort (line 1518) and that it sets the mode "...DFP-3:1920x1200..." (line 1549) (I entered the resolution manually in xorg.conf).

starting sudo nvidia-settings does show a device attached at DFP-3. There are a lot more resolutions available due to the new driver but the very maximum remains at 640x480. Switching the monitor to DisplayPort-input gives exactly the result nvidia-settings promises.

The more I try solving this problem, the more I suspect the monitor to just not send any useful info over the DisplayPort-link. Is there a way to override the resolution manually?

thanks again for your help
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