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Default Re: GeForce GTX 285 Reviews!

Originally Posted by Ikshaar View Post
So it consumes more power despite being 55nm, and its price/performance ratio is lower than the 280 and the 4870X2...

well I know what my upgrade won't be.
Depending on which review you read, the majority of reviews show that a stock clocked 285 consumes just slightly less power than a stock clocked 280 and that's taaking into consideration that the stock clocks on the 285 are considerably higher than a 280. One review even underclocked a 285 to the same speed a stock clock 280 just to show the reduced power consumption and heat. The 285 is a cut above the 280 in EVERY way except price/performance simply because many 280's have been reduced in price to clear old stock.

As for the 4870x2, it's faster and has a better price/performance ratio BUT, some people simply don't like dual GPU's regardless of Crossfire or SLI. That being said, the 285 has no compeition right now in it's price range if you want a single GPU. The 4870x2 is a great card for the new price of $449, but ATI's drives have been hit or miss this past year. The 8.12's are fantastic, but it took almost a half year to get them right. ATI just seems a little slower to fix their issues than Nvidia here recently.
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