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Default Re: GTX 295 and Microstuttering

I seem to be more sensitive than others to this too. I would actually have to use the card before I was able to declare micro stutter to be non-existent. There was a website that found a some games to still suffer from micro stutter, not all but some. That would be enough for me to RMA it though.

yea here is one source -,6...s_card/?page=3

"In matters of micro stuttering the Geforce GTX 295 is a little less conspicuous. But we can not give and all clear, although the infamous lagging is very unobtrusive in many of the games we tested. In Race Driver Grid for example we weren't able to provoke noticeable micro stuttering at any time - even at (unplayable) 20 fps the card delivers a balanced frame output. Our test with Fraps confirmed this. In Crysis (DX10, Very High) we received similar results: The lags don't become obvious above 30 fps. On the other side there are Left 4 Dead (dt.) and Call of Duty 5, which - depending on framerate settings - reveal noticeable micro stuttering. In L4D 50 fps feel more like 30 fps on a single GPU. In Call of Duty World at War it is not as bad; here 40 fps on the GTX 295 feel like about 30 fps on a GTX 280. Not everyone notices micro stuttering, because the effect depends on one's own preferences.

In addition to this observation there is a input lag which is also connected to the function of the Alternate Frame Renderings (AFR). Dual GPU cards calculate a frame in advance (before it is displayed). Therefore the input lag becomes more annoying (like micro stuttering) if the frame rate drops. Quite logical actually, since at 30 fps a (lost) frame is more important than at 60 fps. This problem also depends on one's own preferences."

I think we can conclude that people that don't see it, just aren't sensitive to it.
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