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Default My first blue ray experence.

LG G|GGC-H20L updated firmware, power dvd 7.3. I put in Babylon AD, and press play. Guess what happens? Exactly the reason I was gonna buy a set top box. Black screen it won't play. There are thousands of posts on other forums just like this one from people being screwed. So I fetch an update, install it and reboot. Power dvd now just crashes when I try to play that br disk.

This is on an asus M3-HT-deluxe, an x2 6400 3ghz, with 4gigs ram machine. More than capable, and I have a HDCP monitor connected via HDMI.

I let anydvd do its thing and ripped it to my hard drive, then opened the movie .mt2s with wmp (vob sub) just to watch a movie I own.

Pretty sad a pathetic that consumers have to put up with this crap, and I am considering just returning the drive. I can just up convert standard dvds to 1080 and not have any of these problems. Plus there are up convert players that will play divx files off a usb drive for a little more than what I payed for the LG.

Thanks for the copy protection Sony and 20th century Fox, it worked in making a movie I payed good money for unplayable, but I still copied it. I have bought my last BR movie.
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