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Well, as one of the most vocal doomsayers and most extreme testers on this topic, I am really taken aback.

I'd like to hear from Atlas37, PsychoAus and Flavius.
I'm afraid you'll be waiting quite a while, as I sold my FX 5900 on eBay weeks ago because of the flicker issue. I was almost ready to buy a 9800XT. But I like my games compatible.

I will probably try to buy another FX card soon and I'll report back the results. If it doesn't fix my problem, I'll be an ATI lifelong fan.

As for what they did to fix it? Well, me reporting that removing AUX power fixed it probably helped. And the core temp changes make sense. All along I was saying this was some kind of power regulation issue, maybe due to power saving features of the card meant to lower core temps and enable maniacs like you guys to overclock a $500 card.

I want to hear from everyone for has this problem fixed now. The fact that one person still had it is a bit worrisome, but this has restored a lot of my faith in Nvidia.
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