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Default Re: GTX 295 and Microstuttering

Microstutter is a valid concern with multi-gpu systems. I just recently sold one of my gtx 260(core 216s) because the microstutter rendered the sli setup almost useless. Sure it works in most games only because the frame rates are above the refresh rate of the screen, but if you are trying to play Crysis at Very High settings it was horrible. I had never even heard of microstutter before but I couldn't figure out why 35 to 45 fps with the SLI setup was equivalent to 15-20 fps with a single gtx 260. So what's the point of spending th extra money? A single GTX 260 is just as smooth in most games at 45+ fps as the SLI setup was at 60+.

My concern isn't the games on the market today but the more graphics intensive games on the horizon, of which Crysis is a good indication. I would love to run a gtx 295 but will not spend the money until the problems are gone....completely. Any feedback is great but just because your gtx 295 runs great at 90 fps on Call of Duty doesn't mean the microstutter issues are fixed.
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