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Default Re: GTX 295 and Microstuttering

Originally Posted by HYBRID View Post
Man....this sh&t wonít be put to bed. Iím so sick of hearing about this yet I donít see any claims from actual user here claiming micro stutter exits on GTX295íS and they want to return it atleast not yet.

But real users like Jackup and me claim there isnít who should you trust?
Again I say buy the card as I stated before, and in the event you have it MS that is then return it, Newegg is awesome if you buy from them about returns within a decent time frame.

People with less than a couple posts who come on here with claims that they know what ms is or that the GTX295 HAS IT ARE FLAT OUT WRONG and seem in my eyeís to have some kind of agenda for whatever reason, Again I have thrown 5 to 6 different new games on this card without any MS issues so take what you read here with a grain of salt this is not the 9800GX.

TRY IT FOR YOURSELF if you planned on buying or on the edge I purchased this card because coming from an ATI 4870x2 I had driver issues, and own an x38 broad so for me this was the best I could buy and I have not been disaapointed.
flat out wrong? well uve just shown that he definitely shouldnt trust you as you are completely unable to detect microstutter, and therefor no one should ever use your advice when buying multi gpu.

100% concrete unarguable proof of microstutter on the 295

if anything i hope ive at least opened a few eyes to who here gives informed advice and who is just a mini marketer for their preferred videocard/ihv
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