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Default Re: So I RMA'd my EVGA 8800GTX and they sent back a gtx260

Originally Posted by Smee View Post
I'm a bit out of the tech loop lately.. Is the 260 comparable to the 8800gtx? (Yes I know it's newer) But I also know this..

1. My 8800gtx was $659.00 16 months or so ago, this card is what.. $250 new?

2. I'm only playing one game at the moment (WOW) and my FPS didn't change much at all.

So was recieving the 260 instead of my 8800gtx a score?
Are they close in terms of performance, or is the 260 supposed to run circles arount the 8800?
The 260 is faster, and it seems like a big price difference because the 8800GTX was overpriced and it wasn't until ATI came along with the 4000 series that Nvidia stopped gouging people on their prices which is why the 260 is so much cheaper.
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