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Default Re: GeForce GTX 285 Reviews!

Originally Posted by Blkout View Post
You would still come out ahead as the 285 will overclock higher than the 280 SSC and consume less power and run cooler doing it. However, I wouldn't pay very much to step up for such a minimal return unless you're just dying to use your step-up.
That is exactly what I was thinking. If you can not beat them, join them. In my situation, step-up to the GTX285 SLI vanilla will only cost me shipping.

Reasons I decided to proceed:

1) Vanilla has faster memory and shader than SSC GTX280's.
2) Extra memory bandwidth will help with my monitor upgrade plans.
3) Thermal/power management aspects are better than SSC GTX280's.
4) Due to the 55nm design, I might get lucky and get two good overclocking cards.
5) If I ever decided to go tri-sli, my GTX280's would not be compatible with GTX285's if stock issues of SSC GTX280's become a problem, I would be SOL.
6) I have step-up, it will expire, might as well use it.

Out of the box, not much of an increase in performance. Core is same speed, 5% increase in shader clocks, 7% increase in memory clocks. The possibilities of a higher gains depends on how well they will overclock. It is a free gamble. Well, the costs of shipping to be exact.

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