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Default Re: GTX 295 and Microstuttering

Thanks for the replies guys.

This is what I did:
I canceled my order for the GTX295 and ordered a evga GTX285 instead.

The GTX295 required me to get a new PSU as well, which boosted the total cost to $900 with shipping and handling.(Canadian).

At the end of the day, spending $900 on something that could give me grief was too much of a risk. If it DID happen, it would piss me off way too much and I didn't want to waste time going though the hassle of shipping it back, paying a 15% restocking fee, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers and waiting for another card and bla bla bla.

At least now I have the GTX285, which offers double the performance of my old 8800GTS512, which ran pretty good.

I am sure I will be happy with the GTX285 for a year or two.
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