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Default Re: GTX 295 and Microstuttering

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Just built my new rig and played Crysis 1.21 for about 4 hours, single-player as well as multi-player. I am happy and quite relieved to say I didn't experience any MSing. I play at 1920*1200 Very High dx9 mode, V sync on, FSAA off. Though frames drop to about 30ish on some very demanding scenes, the 30 fps I experienced with my quad 295 setup felt just like the 30 fps I used to get with my old 8800 GTX. I couldn't even get 45fps in single-player with 1280*1024 high settings with my old card and now I can easily get 50+fps with very high at 1920*1200.

Overall, very happy with the setup. Of course would have been a shame to return these cards after spending that much dough on this upgrade. :P. I even felt the 30fps I get with my new setup was smoother than its respective counterpart with my old 8800 GTX.
Maybe Crysis isnt affected by MS. Some games arent, how about COD5, L4D?
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