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Thumbs down Netflix streaming, ya know, it just doesn't work.

Sure it streams. But 75% of the time it stops, lowers the quality to something worse than VHS, and I'm not alone. There have been many a forum filled with these issues. Whether it's from the Roku player, XB360 or Samsung BR player, they all have the same problem.

Netflix says 1.5mb minimum needed for HQ video. I have 17mb. I get a minimum of maybe 4mb on bad days. So do lots of people, yet the video won't play at HQ for more than a few seconds. Netflix claims that during the testing phase they didn't have this problem and now they don't know what's wrong.

Oh well, maybe one day. For now I save the $9 a month until I see a news report that tells us all it's finally been sorted out.
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