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Default Re: Sticky: Official "I just got my GeForce GTX 285 or GTX 295" thread

Originally Posted by $n][pErMan View Post
I don't do SLi or do I really plan too (at least for the next 6 months)... would I be better off with the GTX 285 or the GTX 295? (also take into consideration my current rig and driver issues that may or may not exist with the 295). If I can get even more time out of my current rig by getting a new video card I would be pretty happy... I don't yet feel the need to go Core i7 yet Also keep in mind I have a 650W power supply. Thats probably starting to push it these days
If you're using a Q6600 at 3.15GHz as listed in your sig, then it won't even push a 285 to it's limits, therefore it certainly won't push a 295 to it's limits. I wouldn't bother with a 295 until you upgrade CPU's or overclock yours to 3.8GHz+.
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