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Flav, i agree thats some good stuff you have there but... Even brand new equipment can have flaws. Maybe you have a gimped MB, PS etc. Never assume if its new that its perfect.

I have had brand new HDs go bad, great MBs with faulty voltage regulators etc. It still can be your equipment. The only way to know for sure is to pull your card and test it on another system. You may have to change some components to find what is going on. It very well maybe the video card.

Linksys says the same thing about their noisey routers. My is so loud with buzzing noise it drives me crazy. It turns out there are using cheap DC voltage coils that let the frequency go uncapped into the audible range. Linksys claims the noise is normal. Its like having a new car with squeaky brakes, yea the brakes work but they sound like hell.

It could be some marginal components on the video card that only mess up in certain situations, mb combos etc. Hopefully Nvidia will step up to the plate and help out.

Originally posted by Flavius
If an Intel D875PBZ motherboard, with Kingston RAM, Antec SX830 case, Enermax PSU, $30 Pabst case fans, IBM 19" P97 Trinitron, Maxtor SATA HD, Logitech input devices, and Audigy 2 card are not above average equipment, then what the #@% is? This is has nothing to do with equipment quality. I had the flicker using top of the line, rock solid components on a fresh clean XP up to date install.

NVIDIA IS GOING TO HOLD A SPEECH tomorrow 9/04 at 3:55 PM, which can be seen HERE: I have no idea if they will mention this bug, but maybe they will mention the ETA on their next hopefully FIXED cards! (You have to register but they just want your name and e-mail. It's free.)
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