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Default Re: Box build 2 TWO 18" FI SSD this time.

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
Once I get my new Pioneer A/V reciever and AudioSource stereo amp for my subs, I'll have to post some pics and vids just for you Kasu! I'm sure you'd appreciate it. Right now all but my surround speakers are *heavily* underpowered... and that's with running dual 500watt recievers.
Ill have to check it out dude. I want to put some more money into my audio other then just the subs but Im working on some home improvment now. I just broke the mirrior in the other room (8'x12') I rewired, sealed my box better, turned it up and within seconds after moving the location of my box it knocked the mirrior loose from the wall in the living room.

So Im expanding my room and soundproofing it now.

Check Out
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