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Cool Re: Out of curiosity, 280 to 295

For me a big yes , not a necessity but big improvement.

Crysis Warhead
Single - 27+ ( felt slow even thought Crysis handles low fps well an is playable, had to tone down effects to reach my preferable around 60 )
SLI - 48+ ( felt much smoother offcourse not quite there yet not gold 60 , but now can keep more eye candy on )

Lost Planet Extreme Conditions
Single - Snow 42+ Cave 59+ (heavy snow battle dips into ~25 , feels uncomfortable even thought dip is short )
SLI - Snow 81+ Cave 95+ (heavy snow battle dips into ~42 , not noticeable slowdown , happy camper )

Left 4 Dead ( havn't tested much but...)
Single ~85+
SLI ~158+
( Both cases smooth and eye candy maxed out so no improvement... )

Supreme Commander Forged Alliance
( not exactly easy to benchmark but at least doubled frame rate had to keep shadows off on single to avoid sluggish game play on extreme battles with huge base something like 22 fps) , ( now can have shadows maxed out and still feels smooth in big base still no AA but very nice improvement ~40 fps)

And No i have not experienced microstuttering , yes i know what it is , best seen on ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 there is video on youtube playing Crysis microstuttering plain obvious. Its probably there up to an extent but to feel it or see it you need to be superhuman, recording frametimes with fraps there is millisecond variation just like shown on other websites however its present on single gpu also so people should not base their decision purely on some date thats not very well understood
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