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Default Re: Evga GTX 280 FTW crash problems - not overheating

I have evga 780i 4gig ddr2 800 gtx 280 ftw, efore i got my gtx 280 i had 2 8800gt's in SLI mode. No problems before i got the 280 ftw. initially everthing was o.k. but later after gaming online with friends "left 4 dead" computer will just reboot on its own without warning. did everything i could from decreasing my overclocking of cpu, ram, and even tryed another power supply. went from ultra x3 1600 watts to antec 1200 watt. still the same thing. placed the 280 in the other computer. No problems. So to resolve my problem i increased my voltage on my ram. auto was set at 1.85 but manufacture recomends 2.1. After that no problems.

evga 780i*Q6600 overclocked 3.5*4gig ddr2 800* 500gb seagate*1600watt X3 power supply*GTX 280FTW*Vista Ultimate 32bit.
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