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I was going to post the same thing but you beat me to it. I agree that they are probably working barely within tight tolerance.

It is know that many Nvidia cards have poor filters and thus have blurrier high rez text vs ATI or Matrox. Thats not Nvidias fault its the cheap ass OEMS using poor quality parts.

ATI makes its own cards and I tend to buy them vs OEMs as I don't trust them.

Does canopus still make Nvidia cards? They usually made them better than referance using high grade parts. They cost more but they gave you peace of mind.

Originally posted by _Pablo
I know it's pointless to speculate as to the cause of the flicker, given that Nvidia and it's crack (crack if we disregard their crappy PS2.0 implementation...and the cooling...and the flicker obviously) team of engineers cannot fix the problem in a few weeks. But reading half the crap that's being posted here by people claiming to be almost inside Nvidia we may as well just wonder out loud.

For me there are three main features I have noticed:

1) blinky.exe triggers the flicker at will as do most 3D apps with bright displays.
2) DVI digtal connection to an LCD does not suffer from the flicker.
3) Moving my card between several machinesm, with different everything, from CPU to monitors and it did not change the flicker at all.

This suggests:

1) The problem is caused by the card, given that blinky.exe is not executing some really crazy code causing the CPU/MB/RAM/PSU/HD to generate any unusual EMI.

2) The problem is probably on the card itself as opposed to the GPU, as the data in the framebuffer is absolutely fine given that the LCD display is fine.

3) The problem is very unlikely given that I have tried the same card in 3 very different machines (as have many others) which would not produce exactly the same EMI.

So here is my paragraph of complete speculation (pending the real reason and some grovelling apologies from Nvidia...or one of their close firends):

Only a fugging idiot would continue to say that the problem is caused by environmental EMI alone. Given that almost all GFFX5900U are built to the reference design, it all goes to point to a problem with the DAC part of the board, perhaps it is caused by some unclean power on the board and is only noticable when the power drain of the GPU is more significant i.e. when doing 3D work. As someone mentioned about there being less capacitors on the release board that the prototypes, and with the noisy caps when using a lower spec PSU it all goes to point to a design that is just working at the margins of failiure, which would explain why many cards function perfectly well. I just hope the Nvidia fix doesn't further compromise the performance of this already underperforming board.

Just my 17.50 (the change I had left over from the 400 I spent on this lame racehorse).
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