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Default Re: Out of curiosity, 280 to 295

Originally Posted by Monnie Rock View Post
Important things to comment on when talking performance differences between the cards are:

1) What resolution you are running
2) What level of Anti-aliasing you are using

The GTX295 is a great card until you get to 2560 x1600 adding over 4x Anti-aliasing.

Another thing, comparing a single gpu 280/285 to a dual gpu 295, look at the differences in performance between a 295 and SLI 280/285. There is a big difference. Apples to apples/ SLI to SLI
Very true, however I dont understand why people compair the GTX295 to SLi GTX280/285's...Just doesnt make sense. The GTX295 is NOT 2 GTX280/285s, and there for should not be compaired to them. The GTX295 is more closely related to the GTX260 (I like to say GTX270) as this card is like a hybrid.... If you compare the 295 to SLi 260's then this is a more fair argument, however the 295 will be faster....
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