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Default Re: Cable Televison On Computer Questions

Originally Posted by Monnie Rock View Post
Hello Everyone,

I have not used my computer before to view cable television in the past but I would like to move to this setting. Do not want a Television and a computer monitor in the same room.

Currently I have Comcast Cable televison with a cable box to have On-demand,HDTV, and some premium channels. This is downstairs connected to my HDTV. What I would like to do is, my computer room is upstairs, to be able to watch all the same content as I watch downstairs but through my computer,on my computer monitor, possibly using Vista's media center. I have an outlet with the coaxial cable in my computer room that is a "home run" to the main line coming in my house.

What do I need to make this possible?

Would really appreciate some advice from the experienced users here.

Thank you,
The only way that I know of right now to get everything that you want is to get another STB from comcast, and then use a component input. It's honestly easier to just not use the computer at all. If you have component inputs on your monitor just connect that to a STB and be done with it. The reason I say this is because there aren't many devices that can accept the cablecard necessary to view all of the things you want to see. Even if you get a device that might work, it is a royal pita to get it working.

If you wanted to record shows you could use some type of component input but that's not the easiest thing to find either.

I'd love to see if anyone else has input on the subject, but as far as I know there currently isn't a way to make it work easily.

If you're really adventurous you might look into this:

It's an ATI external tuner that can use cablecard. From everything I see it sounds like you have to be running Vista Media Center, and for the most part it will only work with an OEM pc that was built for that purpose. Not sure if this FAQ still holds true, but a lot of it is probably still relevant.
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