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Default Re: x58 Chipset SLI PROBLEMS

Originally Posted by Revs View Post
Try playing a game for a while on one card at a time (removing the other) and try them in different slots. It might help track the problem down . I'm assuming you're keeping an eye on your temps and you've un-overclocked everything .

It sounds eriely like a good old 680i NB problem to me.
Runs fine with 1 card (with both in the PC or 1 removed from PC) No memory errors from a 18 hour test. I got a new Motherboard from EVGA, tossed the cards in, booted fine turned on SLI fine, loaded a game, played for 3 hours BOOM graphics lockup. Restart computer, computer wouldn't post. removed gfx cards reseated them computer posted fine booted into game lock after a little over 6 hours. Restart same lockup after about 2 hours. Anyone have any ideas what i can do here?
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