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Nice review Rytr,

I'm glad to see you talk about price and how it fairs between other offerings. I also liked the idea of you using a low-end system and seeing the results. The first thing I noticed when I read that was, "Cool... Finally someone tossing a ultra-high end card on a low-end system". But then I noticed what game you used.

What made you decide to use UT2k3 on the low-end system when the word about Epic and their Unreal Engine is that it's very very very system dependent? What about Command & Conquer: Generals, Call of Duty Demo, XII, etc... It would of been cool to use games that weren't prone to stress out your system, but to stress out the video card. Just an observation.

People still point fingers at me when I saw with my own eyes a GeForce 3 outpacing a Radeon 9800 on a low-end system in Battlefield 1942.

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