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Default Re: Should I go from a gtx 260 to a 285?

Originally Posted by calfcramp!!! View Post
Thanks for the response guys.Darkone when you get the 285 post here for the results going from your 260.I am eycandy crazy.The games I run at 1920x1200 with everything maxed,and I mean everything are fine except far cry 2.I run that with 8x 16x and everything maxed except hdr and bloom and it kind of bothers me i cant max everything out.I cant go sli because I have a crossfire board asus p5k-e.Will I see those problems go away with a 285 maxed overclocked?

I can probably get 150 for my card also.
At those settings, a 295 might be a better bet.

[H]ardOCP says it can run Far Cry 2 at 2560x1600 at max settings with the SSC EVGA 285 but only 4X AA.

My opinion: After seeing why you want a new card, I'd suggest you wait at minimum for GT212. Considering the economy is in the ****ter, prices will most likely drop over time, so pick up a 285 once it is cheaper, or save for a 212. Your card is a damn good card.
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