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Thanks for all the feedback!

poursoul, I did end up using the 45.23's although I did initially try a number of drivers but the 45.23's were the newest and they did show good stability with performance.

Solomon, it was really a simple was the most available at the time and I was pressed for time. Including the low-end system was not in the initial planning of the review. It was just there, setting on the bench and I thought why not!

In a way I wish I would have picked another game but which one? There are so many. Anyway, while not maybe the best choice UT2K3 is very familiar with most readers and easily related to. I believe, I may be wrong, that there are some gamers out there who have 3 year old systems that might wonder how a high-end card would perform in their system. I had fun in including it in the review!

Thanks Volt!
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