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Default Re: Windows 7 Games Explorer = Stale

Originally Posted by jcrox View Post
Windows 7 isn't coming out so quickly after Vista because of a lack of adoption from the gamers, it's corporate America they're targeting... you know, the people that DIDN'T buy Vista.
And they upgrade only when their special applications run well on the new system, and Windows 7 doesn't run those better than Vista. In fact as there are new changes in the OS there might be more problems. Application compatibility is the most important thing, after that it is performance on current hardware and ease of adoption for the users.

Windows 7 has a new taskbar and changes in the UI which means re-learning the users how it works, which costs time and money. Even if it is better than Vista, it doesn't mean anything for users that isn't snapping up new things as fast as us and is set on how XP is working.

One thing that is an advantage for Windows 7 is the press it's getting. Vista generally got a lot of bad press, and it does affect adoption.

Also, you are forgetting Microsofts recent push for Games for Windows Live, which would suit well with better games support in Windows 7. And the new pc games marketplace etc. There was even a Microsoft employee posting on the games forum here, but I couldn't find the thread.
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