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Default Re: Will a GTX 280 and a GTX 285 worked together

Originally Posted by john19055 View Post
I thought it was just a die shrink like the 9800 and the 9800+ and they worked together .That sucks I don't understand why they want work together if they are basically the same card except higher overclocks and a die shrink.Looks like if the 9800GTX and the 9800GTX+ worked together these would work together.
That's how it should be, but the GTX 285 does not work in SLI with a GTX 280. Unlike the 9800GTX+/9800GTX situation, these cards have a different BIOS. You can probably flash a GTX 280 BIOS to the GTX 285 BIOS, it will probably work, but then you'll have no warranty on your GTX 280. Same thing goes for an 8800GT/9800GT SLI setup.
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