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Default Re: European Union at it again

Not really, it's because you people just dont get the point and think eveyone and anything that ships a default thing would be sued as well.

Ask yourself this question, it's really simple.

Does Firefox, Opera etc.. tie themselves into the OS and requiering X service pack to use them normal and can it be removed?

Microsoft do with with IE, it's tied into the OS and because of this they sue them, competition can't get a look in, Majority of users user the defaults. Microsoft was forced to put default access controls into their service packs with Windows 2000 and XP/Vista, pre to that it was very hard to near impossible to remove their software from the OS.

The point and lession is if you STILL didnt' get it is, dont tie your software into the OS to the point where you can't remove it or be flexible like a third part applications. The simple fact of the matter is that if Microsoft did make their apps detached from the OS(like third party apps are) they wouldn't get sued, it's all about anti-trust right from the 90's when netscape pretty much died because of such actions by Microsoft.
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