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Default nic drivers for Opteron on Asus SK8N

I want buy this board too, but without drivers I get the full supportet Tyan K8W.
I can only say you right here and need the drivers from Nvidia.
thats from SuSEx86-64 mailinglist:
Message-ID: <>
> >I've read there some Problems with the Asus-SK8N
> > with Nvidia chipset. I've no problems to install SuSE8.x on x86-32bit
> > or compile some apps. But compile a Kernel is to difficult for me in
> > the moment.
> We're currently working to get teh Asus running. You can boot it with
> acpi=off and it works (but without the onboard network chip).

For the onboard network Nvidia should (or maybe they have already)
released binary-only add on 64bit drivers. Nvidia doesn't release chipset
documentation or free drivers, so we cannot directly support it.
Ciao Marco!
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