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Default Re: Nvidia + Matrox TripleHead2Go with resolution 5040x1050!

Originally Posted by JaXXoN View Post

Just for those who might be interested: i figured out how to get the 5040x1050
(3x 1650x1050) wide screen mode working with TH2G on Linux!

Please find attached a sample xorg.conf additionally including modelines for
3840x1024 (3x 1280x1024), 4080x768 (3x 1360x768) and 4320x768 (3x 1440x900).

There is no need to configure the TH2G from a windows computer since
the TH2G does it's best effort to distribute the input signal reasonably.
However, you may like to replace the default 3840x1024 EDID information
flashed into the box, because you may get a very distorted, hard to read
display during boot-up.

ATTENTION: since it is necessary to override the EDID information
(UseEDID set to False and ExactModeTimingsDVI set to True) in the
xorg.conf file, double check that the displays attached are capable of the
desired resolution. In theory, your LCDs could be damaged if they receive signals
beyond their limit! Nowerdays, LCDs typically will just say "Out of Range" on the
on-screen-display and won't be harmed, but you never know. You have been warned!

Make sure that you have the latest firmware installed on the TH2G:
You need a windows computer in order to perform the update, but you
can do that within a virtual windows installation inside VMware.

Please note that i needed to increase the 2D clocks for my GTX 260 using
nvidia-settings or otherwise i recognized some annoying screen blanking
during certain graphics operations. I assume that the default memory
bandwidth of 100MHz is probably to slow for the 5040x1050 screen resolution.


can you let me know where you got your timing numbers for the modelines. I'm using the numbers from Matrox's specs and they don't line up with what you have.
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