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Default Re: GF8200 / Poor 2D performance / ETA of fix?

Regarding point 2.:

I am running Gentoo (therefore everything+kernel compiled myself) and it's still very bad performance. I disabled composite extension and still have bad performance.

So from my point of view this is clearly an Nvidia issue:

- if I replace the 180.22 driver with the 173.14.15 one I have no problem
- if I do it vice versa I have a problem

No other change on the system. I moved from NVidia 7050 chipset (no problem) to 8200 chipset (problem) without any changes in software.

My understanding of Kepner-Tregoe just tells me two things: it depends on the 8200 chipset and every driver >173.14.15 has performance problems on this chipset. And that's not just 10% slower. It's more like 10 times slower. But that's nothing new to anyone except Nvidia. As soon as AMD releases something similar to VDPAU this board is to sell.


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