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Default Re: Nvidia + Matrox TripleHead2Go with resolution 5040x1050!

Originally Posted by svet-am View Post
can you let me know where you got your timing numbers for the modelines.
Addenum: i used the nvidia control panel (on windows) to determine the timings
for the widescreen modes 5040x1050 and 4320x900, only. For 3840x1024, 4080x768
and 3360x1050 i did it in a different way: attached/routed the TH2G to a virtual
windows 2000 running inside VMware, then flashed the appropriate mode
using the Matrox PowerDeskSE tool. The mode timings will then show up in the
EDID and can easily be read out by the X-Server which in turn calculates the timings
(which worked fine for me).

In other words: for 3x1680x1050 and 3x1440x900 i used nvidia control panel
on windows and for 3840x1024, 4080x768, i retrieved the pre-flashed EDID settings.

BTW.: the EDID variant was not possible for resolutions >4095, because the
appropriate EDID fields have only 12 bits, so a value of 5040 couldn't be
encoded and flashed into the EDID.

Again, out of curiosity: which modelines do you have? Are the modelines
as suggested in the xorg.conf file above not working for you?



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