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Default Re: European Union at it again

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
This is really sad. I mean do car companies get in trouble for selling cars with their engines in them, and also designing the car with a certain engine in mind? These guys act like Windows is public property and they need to protect it! It's a ****ing privately created piece of software. Microsoft should be allowed to do as they please with their own product. What's next? Game devs getting in trouble for installing their game engine with their game and making it hard for modders?
Wrong analogy. A better one would be a car manufacturer puts a lock on your rims, and you can't put aftermarket rims on your car, or change a tire, unless you OK it with your car manufacturer. Or a turbo whatever floats your boat.

In USA we have a thing called the Magnuson-Moss act, and it prohibits car manufacturers from voiding your warranty if you put aftermarket equipment on your car.
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