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Default Re: Would I miss that much performance going to a GTX 295

Originally Posted by john19055 View Post
I have a chance with my step-up with BFG to go with a GTX 295 and it would cost me around $90.I just game at 1920x1200 with FSAA and aniso.and have my other BFG GTX 280 OCX for a different system.Or I could sell it and that would help me with my upgrade I want to do.I know two BFG GTX 280 OCX is faster but with overclocking the GTX 295 I should'nt lose to much performance.

I got my BFG GTX280 on October 16, 2008. Meaning, the best possible time for BFG's 100 day trade-Up program and getting a GTX295, or a GTX285. I weighed all the factors over and over and decided on trading-up to the GTX295 for the following three reasons. (It will be here in approx 10 to 20 days.)

1. Because I said "never". (Never say never. ) And I swore that after a bad experience with the 9800X2 (Micro Shuttering) that I'd never get a Dual GPU or Sandwiched card ever again. (I believe I even said that a Single GPU was the only way. And that SLI would always be out of the question. *See Note at below. And maybe I was '*****ing' for the purpose of nVidia hearing and not making another Micro Shuttering Sandwiched card.

2.Because my MOBO is not SLI. (Kinda' the same reasoning I used when deciding on a getting a 9800X2 that I hated and returned immediately for my GTX280.)

3. I luv experimenting. And the BFG ES-800 PSU was on sale for only $139.99 and with free shipping. (Other correct choices may have been in the range or $249.99 to $299.99.) WOOPS!!! Its now only reduced from $214.99 to $149.99. I got it for $139.99!!! Its got almost everything you could ever want performance wize including "Frequency Conversion". The "Frequency Conversion" part will allow the PSU to emulate a smaller PSU when I'm only browsing the Internet. I won't be wasting electricity or money. But, it is still an 800 Watt PSU! And it performs awesomely in addition to its efficiency.

*Note: As a result of reading Benchmarks comparing GTX295s and SLIed GTX285s; if I already had an SLI MOBO then trading-up from one GTX280 to one GTX285 and purchasing a second one eventually seemed to be the most logical choice. But with a GTX295 (and it sounds like Micro Shuttering will not be a factor) I can get by just fine for quite some time. Even until maybe the second generation GTX300's are out. And last but not least... ever since owning one of the first 8800GTXs, I luv having the best! (When it truly is the best of course.)

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