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Default Re: Windows 7 lacking ?

I know it's a beta but the new task manager is really buggy, WLM is wacky with it(How ironic) I couldn't drag stuff to the panel, firefox seems to focus WLM when you bring it up. Seems like apps needs to be complient with or something, thats a wacky way of doing things.

Tipical some reboot fixed the dragging to the panel(typical windows fix, do a reboot). I feel sorry for the devs since XP, they had to fix all the crap Microsoft did to it and make it more modulized, one of the reasons why Vista took so long, it's just about time they made rebooting for updates a thing of the past. These changes must be so low level to force a reboot or it's part of the whole tied in design of Windows.

Saying that Apple are really bad at this, you have to reboot on Safari/iTunes/Quicktime updates, software shouldn't do this, it's that simple and it's bad design.
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