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Default Re: Cable Televison On Computer Questions

Yup you know me I work for the cable company...

Im a service tech and the only way u will get On Demand is through your digital/hd box.

It is like that cause the hub is set to your cable box. Numbers on the bottom of the box.

That way if u rack up $300.000 in porn they know that box is on your account and is sent to you.

I have a HD/DVR w/51 inch HDTV and my pc hooked to it.

Use DVI/HDMI for computer and HDMI for the HD/DVR.

I wish i could go optical out of my box to my pc for audio 5.1 but so far with my Xfi i havent been able to get that to work.

BTW i still yet to get messanger to contact you lol.

IM me your username perhaps I can help.
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