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Default Re: People who don't like Crysis Wars are poor.

Originally Posted by breathemetal View Post
Crysis. Bleh. So sick of seeing, and hearing about this pos. Sure, it looks GREAT. But it was SO boring.
again, he's talking about the MP, not the SP.

it's like meth said, "35 - 40fps on a MP game is not teh good."

i played the MP for a little bit. while it was very good, my stunning ~30 fps even with the resolution turned down is not how I like MP games(yes it doesn't feel like the typical 30fps, but you can still tell in intense fire-fights where it dips into the teens). this is why games like L4D and TF2 are so big, they require mediocre hardware to easily get 100fps. framerates that are pretty much essential to mp games.

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