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I thought people might be interested to know my findings on power usage when using VDPAU.

Harry Potter 1080p H.264 movie trailer used. Total system power drain listed. Host CPU, X3110 (3ghz Core 2); GPU, Gigabyte 9800 GTX+ 1GB

Idle: 109 watts
VDPAU codec: 113 watts
Software codec: 117 watts
Full CPU load: 135 watts
Full CPU/GPU load: 197 watts

Woo hoo, a whole 4 watts are saved. These are averages of course, but the usage rarely dipped below or above these numbers during video playback.

P.S. Going from my old 7950 GT to this new 9800 GTX+ cost me 23 watts in increased power consumption at idle. Ugh. Aaron and friends, you need to stress power and heat to your engineers. It's getting out of control. Think Pentium 4. Your CEOs might find it funny to force consumers to use turbo hurricane fans on your cards (as seen in their own homemade video), but it's pretty pathetic.
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